Rise Of The Runelords

Chapter 1 - 08/31/13
Heroes meet with the Mayor

The heroes met with the Mayor, Sheriff and the Elven hunter.

The Elven hunter shared information she had gained which shows that the organized goblin activity is more widespread than just SandPoint. Groups of goblins have been attacking farms and other settlements.

The heroes picked her brain about the five known goblin tribes in the area. She share details on their leaders, locations and behavior.

The Sheriff asked that the SandPoint heroes be allowed to function as part of the town guard as they Sheriff wanted to travel to Magnimar to seek additional guard assistance based upon the information revealed by the Elven hunter. The Mayor agreed to this and heroes were made part of the town guard wearing official armbands to designate their membership.

The Sheriff asked the heroes to be visible in town since they have become popular and seeing them will help keep the town citizens calm. He also asked they investigate any reports of strange goings-on as the town guard remaining in town will be too little in number to be effective.

The Sheriff left early the next morning with a squad of guards and the members of the Barrett family (whose father was brutally murdered by a goblin hiding beneath their house). The Elven hunter also departed to do some more investigation into the activities of the goblin tribes.

During a walk around town observing things going on, Ruis noticed a daughter of the General Store owner eying him while she swept the store’s entrance porch and he stopped and struck up a conversation. He quickly gained a rapport with the comely girl but his conversation was cut short by the appearance of her father from out of the store. Ruis entered the stored and browsed the contents to appease the father but silently made a pledge to seek the girl’s company at a later time when the father was not around.

The heroes adjourned to the Rusty Dragon Inn for the evening enjoying another of Ameikos fine meals before turning in for the night.


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